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Segvic Studios is the Android Development Studio for SEE
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Segvic Studios focuses on the needs of the market. Using in-depth analysis we have decided to create a number of apps for our emerging market.

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Moja webTV

More popular then YouTube in its native market, Moja webTV offers a unique functionality, no other app can match. Easy to use and feature packed, this is the new way to watch TV.

  • Watch Live Watch your favorite shows live in the quality level suited to your current network access.
  • Watch when you want With the inbuilt Timeshift function, never miss a favorite show again.
  • Watch on what ever you want Works with your tablet and your smartphone.
  • All the features you expect With Google Cast/Chromecast support, live preview, radio stations, geo-lock, secure authorization, EPG and more, it's not just a client, it's a service.

Official app of best TV brand in Bosnia, Hayat TV.

  • Full of content Watch all Hayat TV shows for free.
  • Up to date Covering all the info you need to be always up to date with news, your favorite shows and happenings.
  • Complete solution End-to-end solution, with a custom backend and automatic content import
  • Fast Loads fast, so you can get the latest news instantly
BH Telecom Imenik (Yellowpages)

Yellowpages under your fingertips. Fast, easy, functional.

  • Fast No non-sense approach - just the what the user expects.
  • Easy Easy to use - no learning curve.
  • Functional Not just search - but direct dial also.
  • Brilliant Easily save results direct into your own Addressbook
Presreta─Ź (Interceptor)

Know who is calling you at the moment you are receiving the call.

  • Fast Gets the result in a split-second.
  • Light Does what it says - nothing more nothing less.
  • Functional Saves the search result straight to your addressbook.
  • Considerate Respects your data plan - very efficent, with the option to use only WiFi.
SDA - Stranka Demoktratske Akcije

Official app of the Democratic Action Party.

  • Fast Loads quickly, runs fast.
  • Integrated Seamlessly integrated in the running content management solution.
  • Attractive Visually attractive to inspire usage.
  • Functional Bringing news, updates and other info about activities and happenings.
Zaposli se

Find a job. A service of Sarajevo Canton unemployment bureau. Developed for digITarija.ba

  • Direct Shows the jos listing in a split second.
  • Easy to use Large touch areas with accented information make sure you don't miss a thing.
  • Attractive Visually attractive to inspire usage.
  • Additional value News, legal help and helpful links are also included in the app.

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